Leslianne Lake, Beloved Ohio Founder (photo credit -  Mann & Wife Photography )

Leslianne Lake, Beloved Ohio Founder (photo credit - Mann & Wife Photography)

Beloved Ohio is the brainchild of Leslianne Lake, our founder and all-around resource for "Everything Wedding". 

Leslianne began the journey 2010 and created Beloved Ohio to serve as a small venue open house with a focus on attracting the area's best vendors. Leslianne's passion for her clients and delivering the best experience for them built the foundation for our success.

Beloved Ohio has transformed shows into a meaningful, visually attractive symphony of tastes, sounds, sights, and textures. Our high standards for vendors and venues alike help our clients navigate the fog and truly design the wedding of their dreams.

Supporting local business is part of the origin story of Beloved. Our focus on boutique elements and desire to feature innovation in weddings, makes every Beloved Ohio show unique and allows the vendors to showcase their talents and artistry.  

Beloved Ohio coordinates many shows, events, and networking opportunities each year. Join our mailing list or follow us on social media to get the inside scoop.